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Georgia Renée

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Georgia Renée is a singer-songwriter originally from Melbourne, who spent the majority of 2022 traveling the East Coast of Australia in her 1998 Van. After not being able to shake the smile off her face and good energy from her time in QLD, Georgia is now based in Brisbane and ready to dive deeper and continue to express her art form. Georgia inspires listeners into personal reflection, presence and joy, through her calming melodies, angelic voice, thought provoking lyrics and contagious personality. The bright and light, 28 year-old is equally passionate about music and health and ensuring they belong together, which is evident through her work as a Private Practice owner and Registered Music Therapist ( She is on a mission to pursue a rewarding and sustainable career in the Music Industry. Her current project is working on a self-written, produced and mixed debut EP which will be out early 2024. 


Georgia graced the world with her music in November 2022 with her debut single Streaming Smile. This foot stomping, positive and catchy acoustic pop tune featured some radio play on stations such as Cairns FNQ Originals and Country Wardrobe.


Her most recent single ‘Without A Break’, released March 23, has received airplay on several community radio programs, as well as taking out Single of The Week two weeks in a row on Pulse FM's Discovery Show, through iHeart Radio. The Music video (shot by MaxFilms) clocked up over 1K views in under 24 hours after premiering March 31st. This song was written to solidify a life lesson Georgia gained while living in Melbourne and recognising she was also part of the toxic hustle culture that exists in most major cities. ‘People are overburdened and feel like if they stop, everything will crumble- but what really falls apart is their personal life’. It is a song about learning to live more fully in the present, free of time constraints and welcome the blessings of spontaneity. 

Georgia says, ‘Music is the only medium that encapsulates Sound, Word and Feeling’ which you can experience in her intimate live performances that are playful, sincere and emotive, as she makes everyone in the room feel like they belong together. Keep your eyes peeled for her string of House Gig announcements, as these are her favourite way to connect with fans. 


Growing up, Georgia’s family loved listening to music such as Paul Kelly, The Eagles and Elvis, however, she was the first to start learning an instrument after hearing Delta Goodrem’s debut album Innocent Eyes, ‘that iconic arpeggio!’ at age 9. After picking up the acoustic guitar in 2018, Georgia now looks to more local, indie-folk artists for inspiration, such as Ziggy Alberts, Ariela Jacobs and Tay Oskee. 


Not only does Georgia Renee’s music feature piano, guitar, vocals and the occasional stomp box, she conveys sincere and emotive energy through her tone of voice- all recorded in her home studio.

Two Hearts Alive- Latest Single

Two Hearts Alive rejoices about being in the presence of pure love. The inspiration for the song came from the sincerity of the vows at Georgia’s sister's intimate and picturesque wedding in Canada. She was moved by their expression of unconditional love and acceptance for one another as she watched with admiration for her sister’s new chapter of life while overlooking the breathtaking lush mountains and blue lakes. Georgia also sees it as a love song between two sisters, whose relationship stands the test of time; her first best friend. Georgia takes you on a journey of a couple whose love is set in truth and consciousness with a vision for a sustainable future together. Two Hearts Alive encapsulates the true essence of a lasting relationship. See if you can spot the lyrical reference to the couple's wedding song ‘Bloom’ by Aussie band Paper Kites. 

Georgia put a call out to fans on social media to send in there wedding videos to form part of a short form music video. Watch here 

Releases by Georgia Renee

CHOSEN 15th May.jpg
Behind The Scenes of Without A Break

‘Without A Break’ is the second single from artist Georgia Renee, Melbourne born and Brisbane based artist. ‘Without a Break’ describes the moment when you realise that you have been running so fast and hard to achieve your goals that you miss out on special moments while also ignoring the people you love most along the way. It is a song about learning to live in the present without time constraints, with a sense of ease and going with the flow of life with your arms wide open.


The lyrics from ‘Without A Break’ closely resemble what it’s like growing up in a city where there is a strong ‘Hustle Culture’, people are overburdened and feel like if they stop, everything will crumble- but what really falls apart is their personal life. 

Georgia is on a mission to live a sustainable life in the music industry and truly believes we can live with ease and flow. Like all of Georgia Renee’s songs, this was written as a song of affirmation and reflection for her to personally process the past, grasp new realities and instill positive new directions. 


Career Highlights 

WON: Single of The Week  TWO WEEKS IN A ROW on Pulse FM's Discovery Program  April 6th and April 13th 

Without a Break Premiered on Country Wardrobe with Nardia Drayton March 18th 

Streaming Smile, premiered live on the Cairns FM Program FNQ Originals 89.1 on Sunday 2nd October as an unofficial release.

Streaming Smile launched November 17th 2022

Georgia was also interviewed for Radio Kultura   (Basque Country), and performed 3 songs including her debut single Streaming Smile and Not Alone, on October 26th 2022:  Listen Here

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Georgia WAB-MV 2022 [MaxFilm]-22.jpg


For interviews, bookings, questions and more, please send through an email

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