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Spotify Playlists can be our super powers!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Music triggers our emotions and can take us down memory lane! I harness the power of different types of Spotify playlists to shift, match or modulate my emotions.

Imagine this… you’ve had a really emotionally intensive day at work or at home, you feel completely stretched and you do not feel like you can be present for anyone else today. You just need something to wrap you up in a big warm hug, to hold space for you and to just let the emotions pass through you so you can move on and begin to feel a lighter again.

You know what I turn to in situations like these?

Music, doTERRA Essential Oils, Movement and Nature. If I can have all 4 at once, I will welcome them with open arms. Let's discuss Music.

I don't just open Spotify and hit play, I am very intentional. The music sort of acts like a safe container for me express myself without shame or guilt.

What songs can I connect with right now? I usually want the music to MATCH my mood, not to raise it straight away (that comes later). FIRST, I want to allow my body to experience the emotions.

This is why I create a range of playlists and why I recommend you do the same. Music that connects with YOU and the moods you feel from time to time. I love sharing my playlists with you, but I also encourage you to go through the process of really personalising playlists. You feel ONE with the playlists because YOU designed it for YOUR needs and you know how it tends to make you feel.

For example, I have created one for GROUNDING me. I turn to it when I feel scattered and stretched because I find the music brings me some calm, it's slow, the lyrics are emotive, I am familiar with the songs and they have a nature like feel to them with the acoustic guitar and ethereal qualities (nature grounds us all doesn't it?). I also use this playlist when I am doing my own Yoga Flow in my bedroom in the morning or evening.

Another example. I also have one for when I want to remind myself how powerful, brave and confident I am! Songs like Sia and Beyonce! If I am walking, I want to STRUT and smile at everyone!

Am I painting a good picture?

P.s This is something we can work on together in our sessions if you like! Please don’t go into it thinking 'I NEED TO CREATE THE PERFECT PLAYLIST' or think that job is daunting or hard.

Below, I will share some tips on making a personalised playlist.

  1. Slow morning wake up

  2. Upbeat feel good morning

  3. Songs for rough days

  4. Songs for hope

  5. Songs for dancing wildly!

  6. Songs for singing in the car

  7. Songs for family dances

  8. Music for winding down

  9. Motivational running

  10. Confidence

  1. How do I want to feel?

  2. When do I want to listen to this?

  3. What kind of vibe do I want to create?

  1. What is the purpose?

  2. Search for a song on Spotify that feels like it matches the mood or feeling you want to create

  3. Go to the’ … ‘Next to the song and ‘ADD TO PLAYLIST’ - CREATE NEW and give it a title! \

  4. To find more songs like that, Go to the’ … ‘ Next to the previously selected song and ‘GO TO SONG RADIO’. It will bring up a range of songs that sound or feel similar. It is a great way to find new songs that become your faves!

  5. Add them to the playlist.

  6. Search albums or songs you love! If in that process you think of another mood or feeling you want to create, then go ahead… Repeat this process and make MANY playlists!!!

  7. Try them out!

  8. I usually put MORE than enough songs (like 2 hours+) so I can shuffle it and not get bored of the songs or to have it playing for an extended period of time. But everyone is different, some people like to just move through the playlist once and then move on (5-10 songs). There is NO wrong way to do it as long as it feels healthy for you.

I hope that helped!

Please let me know how you went with this process.

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