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Why Bloom and Flow?

At Bloom and Flow we aim to support the natural growth and progression of the participant... like the flowering state of a Rose, and we hope to mutually engage through music while feeling fully immersed in the process of play!

When I was coming up with the name of my Music Therapy Private Practice, this name came to me very naturally and quickly after some thought. I thought about what I value most in life right now and how I want to embody my own values through my practice. My values right now as an Human being walking this planet, is growth, movement, nature, eating well, resting, music and meaningful relationships. As we change, what matters most to us changes and as I am sure for many of you, your life also changed during the pandemic. I realised what truly contributed to my continuous happiness and state of well-being. These values have since acted as a road map to how I wish to lead my life. I have created rituals around these values to ensure that each moment of my day, I am effortlessly moving in alignment with these values. I can tell when I am off track (out of alignment with my values) and when I am on track. But I try and recognise these feelings of dis-ease quickly. I don't brush them off though, I hold space for me to feel them and then to remember that I am in control of my destiny and to keep looking for opportunity. I also try to engage in the rituals that continue to support my emotional regulation and I slowly come back to homeostasis.

OK So where was I? Why did I come up with this name?

...we would all come together and feel present and connected as one.

Well I of course wanted some connection to nature in the name. It grounds me so much and as I said, I want to embody what feels like me but also what may also ground and light you up. But also I want all who I come in contact with to flower with me. For us to gradually MOVE forward into a better version of ourselves.

I remember learning about the concept of IN FLOW during one of my practical lessons in university while studying Masters in Music Therapy. We often took part in practicing interventions with each other and every week, we immersed ourselves in a group musical improvisation for 1 hour. It would start off slow and there would be some nervous energy, but as we each continued to contribute musically with whatever percussive untuned or tuned instrument, we would all come together and feel present and connected as one. The energy was MAGICAL and you always felt like time stopped, you lost all sense of time and space and were just THERE together. The only place you needed to be. It was like meditation.

Thank you so much for being here!

I want to leave you with this, when do YOU experience FLOW?

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