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Georgia Pitts, also an independent singer-songwriter, absolutely LOVES writing music for or with her participants/their families. Georgia has been composing songs since she was 17 and really enjoys the collaboration on creating a personal song for a participant to use in their everyday life to support an outcome or feeling. 


You do not need experience writing songs or playing music to compose a song together. In the session, there are many different pathways we can take to collaborate on a song... it usually starts with some brainstorming, gaining some musical inspo from the clients musical interests, discussing the sound and feel of the new original song and more. 


Please don't be shy! We can do this together, if it is something you are interested in. 


One of my clients has learned the toileting routine through a song we composed together. I met with their Speechy and OT as well as chatted with Mum to create a song that would be fun to listen to, use language that is present in their AAC and followed the OT's guidance for the step-by-step routine. This client will also willingly brush their teeth while listening to a song I wrote for them. 

One of my clients has started responding to 95% of my questions that I ask them in a sing-song tune. From consistent and fun practice of this in our sessions, this client responds to questions outside of the sessions- at school and in the home. 

Image by Jefferson Santos


Whether it is feeling comfortable with the toileting or brushing teeth sequence, conquering meal times, getting ready for bed or remembering to pack away your toys, a song or short jingle can be written for you!


Georgia loves to ensure the song is engaging, tailored to the participants musical preferences and gets the message across in the envisioned way. 

Georgia will happily collaborate with the participant, their parents or other members of the support team if it can enhance the quality of the finished product.


One or two drafts/ideas in the form of recordings or lyrics will be sent to those involved in the creative process and once all parties are happy with the song- Georgia will record it using her audio equipment (Logic Pro, RODE NT Mic) and mix it so that it is ready to be played in your car, through your phone or speaker!


Usually 45 minutes - 2hrs will be billed to the participant and it can be covered by NDIS

Emotions and Self-expression

Sometimes, it is easier to feel and express one's emotions by listening, playing or singing music, as opposed to talking about it. When we write a song, we may choose to focus on a theme and explore that theme together. Once a style/genre of music is decided upon, we can put some of those ideas to lyrics and pair it with a melody. If you like, you can be involved in the recording process and then you can have a copy of this very special and meaningful song (just for your ears!)

Image by Amin Asbaghipour
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