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The Process

RMT offers a range of Telehealth and Face-To-Face sessions, depending on location.


Telehealth has greater flexibility for all those involved. So get out your Laptop, Computer, Tablet and let's get music-ing! RMT always shares her screen involving visual schedules, song choice boards and other relevant material to support engagement. 

Sessions range from 30 minutes, 45 minutes to 1 hour maximum.  

'OK I WANT IN...WHAT NEXT?'  Keep reading!

Referral Form 

STEP 1:  Fill out referral form. Here, the RMT will gauge more information on the participant, their likes & dislikes, musical history, NDIS funding type (if applicable) , potential goals to be worked on in Music Therapy sessions and other relevant information. 


Georgia will be in touch after you fill out the form to arrange an assessment. 



Initial Assessment (45 Minutes)

This goes for about 45 minutes to 1 Hour. It will most likely involve a combination of Music Therapy interventions and discussion with participant, parent or guardian. RMT likes to follow the participants lead and build rapport... of course have fun while doing so!


This session is charged for, therefore RMT needs to collect participants NDIS number and the payment type prior to session (e.g Plan Manager Email or billing details). 


Service Agreement 

A service agreement is established by the RMT and sent to the parent/legal guardian outlining a financial plan. This is collaborative and must be agreed upon by both parties then signed. We decide on dates/times/length of session. 


Subsequent Music Therapy Sessions Commence

Let the fun begin! 

What might we do?

These are just some of the tools available in an RMT's tool kit:

  • Song-writing

  • Song-sharing and lyric analysis

  • Musical play combining familiar songs, instruments and singing

  • Musical improvisation (making it up on the spot together)

  • Music production

  • Relaxation

  • Music and imagery

  • Music and Movement


We play music that YOU like to support YOUR needs and desires.





Let's Play Music Together

Fill out the Referral form above and Georgia will be in contact with you to arrange an assessment session.

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