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Technology Info

Most of us have engaged more with technology since the start of the pandemic and may have become more familiar and comfortable using it. However, I will be the first one to say that technology can be confusing and challenging even at the best of times!


I hope that we can work through this together to make it as seamless as possible, while working through clinical goals and building a delightful client-therapist relationship.

See below for some helpful tips to enhance our online Music Therapy sessions.

Online Class

What are some tips for the best experience?

Your video consultation experience will be best if we:

  • ensure that we have a private, quiet, dedicated place for our meeting.

  • make sure that we have all that we need at our fingertips, for example; instruments, drink bottle, notebook, pen etc.

  • remove distractions; ensure that the TV, radio, or other computer applications are turned off.

  • have had a few minutes to prepare ourselves before the meeting, so that we are relaxed and focused, not rushed with scattered thoughts.

  • consider this a normal appointment, the same as if visiting a G.P, Dentist or other healthcare professional in their office. We wouldn’t wear our pyjamas to an appointment (though we might like to), so lets keep the space professional.

What about my internet connection?

We recommend you have a good internet connection for your call. Being connected to your home WI-FI or a good 4G/5G connection is great! Don't forget that other activities like TV streaming services and online computer games can impact your internet connection so limit those during your consultation.

Also make sure your microphone and camera are working.

In the event of any difficulty with the connection, please have your mobile phone nearby so we can contact you.

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